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Reforms in the Legal Education – National Education Policy 2020

To take the Indian Education System to new heights and make it one of the best global education systems, the Union Government has taken a major decision on the Indian Education Policy. National Education Policy 2020 may be referred as New Education Policy with substantial reforms in the Indian Education System. The Policy aims to restructure the pedagogy in Schools and Higher Educational Institutions. Placing emphasis on the legal education, a firm decision has been taken to restructure the pedagogy in the law institutions. In addition to all the other major changes brought by the policy, it clearly aims to do away with stand-alone law institutes.

By 2030, all the stand-alone law institutes have to mandatorily become multidisciplinary institutions. The policy states “No New stand-alone institutions will be permitted except in specific fields as per national needs. All existing stand-alone professional educational institutions will have to become multi-disciplinary institutions by 2030, either by opening new departments or by opening in clusters.”

Further, the policy pushes for bilingual legal education, which would help in mitigating the need for translated documents or judgement copies or any documents that may need to be submitted to the courts.

Thus, the policy encourages the State Institutions offering law course to consider incorporating bilingualism in the pedagogy for creating efficient young legal minds. The policy reads as follows, “At the same time, it must be informed and illuminated with Constitutional Values of Justice – Social, Economic, and Political—and directed towards national reconstruction through instrumentation of democracy, rule of law, and human rights. The curricula for legal studies must reflect socio-cultural contexts along with, in an evidence-based manner, the history of legal thinking, principles of justice, the practice of jurisprudence, and other related content appropriately and adequately”

View/Download the Policy: National Education Policy 2020

–  Sandeep G



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